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Welcome to my site. I am a Senior software developer and IT Consultant (Freelancer) with very profund knowledge and practical experience in systems programming (Windows, UNIX, Linux, VxWorks) in C/C++, Perl, Python and Shell/Bash.


How do I sort a C++ vector of pairs based on the second element of the pair?
How do I determine the size of an array?
How to split a string in C++?
comparing 'char' one by one like in function 'strcmp'
How multiline string literals work
Passing variable sized multi-dimensional array by pointer
Convert 'std::const shared_ptr' to 'std::shared_ptr'
How to release memory from 'boost::shared_ptr'?
Using 'new' with fixed length array typedef
_iterator_debug_level value '0' doesn't match value '2'
Shell scripting
Configure Eclipse to use bash login shell for Cygwin toolchain
How to sort an array in BASH
Why can't I use job control in a bash script?
Optional option argument with getopts
Return value in bash script
How to make calculations on hexadecimal numbers with awk?
Makefile silent remove
'here documents' in Windows Batch files
Add random string to registry in Windows Batch files
Using quotes correctly in Windows Batch files
How to create a string with shell output (backticks) in Bash?
C++11 mode settings
How do I control how Emacs makes backup files?
How to open multiple terminals

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UNIX Scripts

These scripts have been written by me during the years, mostly in Bash, Perl and Python. They run under virtually any UNIX system, including Windows/Cygwin. These programs are provided "as-is" to the public domain, without express or implied warranty.

Maintenance tool to remove unneeded files and (empty) directories.
Requirements: Bash 3+, find, tail, wc
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A lightweight data language for Perl and C++
Requirements: Perl 5+
       [Browse] [Download] [CPAN documentation]
Renames all files in a directory by extension.
Requirements: Bash 3+
       [Browse] [Download]
Prints directory trees in terminal windows.
Requirements: Bash 3+, find, sort, sed
       [Browse] [Download]
Find duplicate code in program source files (language-independent) and text files.
Requirements: Python 2.4+
       [Browse] [Download]
Scan source code directories recursively via grep.
Requirements: Bash 3+, Grep
       [Browse] [Download]
Kill running processes by name.
Requirements: Bash 3+, Grep
       [Browse] [Download]
Run make on all available CPUs, tee'd.
Requirements: Bash 3+, GNU make, tee
       [Browse] [Download]
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